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Paul Sorrell (2002)

"A New Interpretation of the Witham Bowl and its Animal Imagery"

In: Medieval Animals , ed. by Aleks Pluskowski, Cambridge Archaeological Review from Cambridge. 18. .

This issue includes the following papers which encompass archaeological, artistic and written sources:

Terry OConnor, Medieval Zooarchaeology: What Are We Trying to Do?, 3-21

Anna Gannon, King of all Beasts Beast of all Kings Lions in Anglo-Saxon Coinage and Art, 22-37

Steve Ashby, The Role of Zooarchaeology in the Interpretation of Socioeconomic Status: A Discussion with Reference to Medieval Europe, 38-60

Paul Sorrell, A New Interpretation of the Witham Bowl and its Animal Imagery, 61-80

Graham Twigg, The Black Rat and the Plague, 81-99

Mark Brisbane and Mark Maltby, Love Letters to Bare Bones: A Comparison of Two Types of Evidence for the Use of Animals in Medieval Novgorod, 100-118

Audrey Meaney, Birds on the Stream of Consciousness: Riddles 7 to 10 of the Exeter Book, 119-151

Aleks Pluskowski, Hares with Crossbows. Integrating Physical and Conceptual Approaches Towards Medieval Fauna, 152-182

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