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References to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 195 references in this bibliography folder.

Ahrens, K
Zur Geschichte des sogenannten Physiologus

Alexandre, M
Bestiaire chrétien: Mort, rénovation, résurrection dans le Physiologus
In: Mort et fécondité dans les mythologies: Travaux et memoires. Actes du colloque de Poitiers, 13-14 mai 1983, ed. by F. Jouan. Belles Lettres, Paris, pp. 119-137.

Alpers, K
Theologische Real-Enzyklopädie, 25:596-602.

Alpers, K
Untersuchungen zum griechischen Physiologus und den Kyraniden
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Alport, JL
Three early Christian interpretations of nature and scripture: the Physiologus, Origen, and Basil
Princeton, diss., Princeton Theological Seminary.

Antik, V
Simbolikata na 'Fiziologot' i naseto narodno tvorestvo
Midwest Folklore, 4(7-8):47-67.

Badke, D
The Old English Physiologus in the Exeter Book
, David Badke.

Barnstone, W (ed.)
Physiologus Theobaldi episcopi de naturis duodecim animalium: the Latin text and English translation
Bloomington, Indiana Univ. Press.

Baxter, R
Learning from nature: lessons in virtue and vice in the Physiologus and Bestiaries
In: Virtue and vice: the personifications in the Index of Christian art, ed. by Colum Hourihane. Princeton University Press, Princeton, pp. 21-41.

Belli, G
Il Physiologus: L'ermetismo attraverso i simboli degli animali
Mailand, Edizione Kemi.

Bernabò, M, Peers, G, and Tarasconi, R
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Tavarnuzze/Florenz, SISMEL - Edizioni del Galluzzo. Millennio Medievale, 7. Studi. 1.

Biggs, FM
The Eschatological Conclusion of the Old English 'Physiologus'
Medium Ævum, 58(2):286-296.

Biggs, MF
The eschatological conclusions of the Old English "Physiologus"
Medium Aevum, 58:286-297.

Bitterling, K
Physiologus und Bestiarien im englischen Mittelalter
Mittellateinisches Jahrbuch: Internationale Zeitschrift für Mediävistik / International Journal of Medieval Studies, 40(2):153-170.

Boyd, EM
The Lure of Creatures True and Legendary
Canada, Davis & Henderson Limited.

Brunner-Traut, E
Altägyptische Mythen im Physiologus
Antaios, X:184-189.

Brunner-Traut, E
Ägyptische Mythen im Physiologus (zu Kapitel 26, 25 und 11)
In: Festschrift für Siegfried Schott zu Seinem 70. Geburtstag am 20. August 1967, ed. by Wolfgang Helck. Otto Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden, pp. 13-44.

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San Francisco, Book Club of California.

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Cook, A and Pitman, JH
Old English Physiologus
New Haven, Yale University Press. Yale studies in English. 63.

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