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Article Reference
R. Ritz and T. J. Sejnowski, "Synchronous oscillatory activity in sensory systems: new vistas on mechanisms." Curr. Opin. Neurobiol. no. 4, vol. 7, (1997), 536--546.
Book Reference
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Booklet Reference
Raphael None Ritz (2003): A Beginners Guide to the World of Zope - None
Inbook Reference
R. Ritz, W. Gerstner and J. L. van Hemmen, Associative binding and segregation in a network of spiking neurons.. New York: Springer, 1994, 177--223.
Incollection Reference
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Inproceedings Reference
R. None Ritz and T. J. Sejnowski (1996): Correlation coding in a stochastic network model of auditory binding. - None
Manual Reference
Raphael None Ritz (2004): Programming Plone - The MySite Tutorial - None
Mastersthesis Reference
R. None Ritz (1991): Kollektive Oszillationen in neuronalen Netzen. - None
Misc Reference
Raphael Ritz and the Berlin Neuroscience Community None, Computational Neuroscience in Berlin. web-site, 2003-2004.
Phdthesis Reference
Hartmut None Schütze (1999): Elektrophysiologische Untersuchungen zur neuronalen Mustergenese der Stridulation bei der Feldheuschrecke Stenobothrus rubicundus (Germar 1817) - None
Preprint Reference
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Proceedings Reference
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Techreport Reference
Laurenz None Wiskott and Christoph None von der Malsburg (1996): Face Recognition by Dynamic Link Matching - None
Unpublished Reference
Raphael None Ritz (2004): Flexible Topic - None
Webpublished Reference
Pietro None Berkes and Laurenz None Wiskott (2003): Slow Feature Analysis Yields a Rich Repertoire of Complex-Cell Properties - None
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